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Welcome to 2020! We hope you had time to rest and revive in the company of friends and family over the holiday season.

Are you nearing retirement? To increase the odds that your retirement fantasy matches the reality, consider the seven steps we outline in this newsletter.

In his article "Chasing Alpha", Robin Bowerman from Vanguard provides his view on trying to beat the market.  A must read for every investor.

If you are a small business owner, discover six ways you can invest time rather than money into building your business this year. 

The new year is a great time to take a look at your superannuation policy and make sure you have the correct binding nomination in place. Our article explores why binding nominations are so important in estate planning.

In addition to the services we offer you, our client, we would like to extend our service offer to any friends and family of yours that would benefit from the services offered by the Taurus Group. In particular to any friends or family who may have just migrated to Australia and need to establish Risk Insurance, Family Will and Mortgage Facilities to purchase a house. 

We would be most appreciative if you were to refer their contact details to us or refer them to The Taurus Group.

Looking forward to hearing from you and would be most appreciative in respect of any referrals of family or friends who we may be able to be of service to.

If you have any questions about any articles in this newsletter please contact us on (02) 8969-6970 or email

I am only a phone call or email away if you would like to set-up a meeting with me to review your personal Financial Plan and to ensure that you are on track with ensuring that your family is adequately protected in terms of Risk Insurance, your Mortgage Facility remains competitive and you have an updated Family Will. 

Kind Regards

Gordon Hatch

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Nearing retirement? 7 steps to take before you leave work

You're so close. You were diligent in making additional contributions to your super when it made sense and have saved enough in your fund of choice. You have created a realistic retirement budget. You dream of more days at the beach, turning into a grey nomad, with none, zero, nada, office commitments.

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Chasing alpha

It certainly is possible to 'beat the market' – but, luck aside, it involves considerable skill and often taking on a higher level of risk.

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The importance of binding nominations in estate planning

It’s a common misconception that superannuation automatically transfers to the super fund owner's estate upon their death. In this article we explain the importance of a binding nomination.

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6 simple ways to invest time rather than money into your business idea

When it comes to building our dream solo business, capital can be the one thing we can’t can’t always count on, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get started.

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